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The nation of Lititia lost the war and fell to the armies of two-faced monsters of Lord Chitanaam and the Harpies of the mystical realm. The royal family fell, little Prince Andreas too fell into captivity and found himself enslaved in the realm of the Lords of the Seas. The little boy grew in servitude until a twist of fate staged his escape and in sheer bravery fought his way out of the realm, into a tempestuous sea that washed him into the nursing arms of Ophelia, a warrior lady of Hebrew descent, whose love and devotion became a blessing to the young prince. Ophelia nursed the prince back to life and in the land of the Hebrew, he found his destiny.

Gifted with the SWORD OF WRATH on Mount Horeb, the young prince embarked on war-adventures across the mystical realms and perilous terrains with a group of young excellent warriors as they took the epic fight to Lord Chitanaam, the prince of darkness and to free the captive.    Amid all their rampaging in the realms of the dark lord a greater foe lurked, whose weapon is a seed of discord.


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