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Lord Meshack, the chief-lord of the Seven Realms, stirred by the wrath of the liege-lord of darkness mustered the lords of the Seven Realms to consume the powerful nation of Eliah—the price was Queen Elvina, the pregnant queen, in whose womb was twin babies so feared by dark forces that they aimed to destroy the babies. In a twist of heaven and warrior valour of the fierce Warrior Gallio of Eliah the twin babies lived. Defeat would not deter the great lord, in combined forces with the lord of wizards, Sir Gaius, and Lady Helena the queen of sorcery with her terrible army of Harpies of the Land of Demoriah they tore Eliah to shred and filled it with the furnace of Hades. In death and defeat, the mortal people of Eliah scattered across the face of the earth. The salvation of Eliah now lay with the lost twin princes, who must grow to discover their destinies amid intrigues and twist of fate.


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