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The young country had gained independence, the cord of unity had broken, and now the guns must roll. Lt. Akonbi and Lt. Ahmed, two young officers of the Federal Army fresh from the Academy, found themselves tussled up in a war they never imagined how monstrous it would turn out to be. They vowed never to let the monstrous war consume their souls but in the lawlessness of the atrocious war, they finally found themselves not only fighting for their lives but also for their souls as the war gulped up everything they once held dear.


Pre-Sale: Print-On-Demand–$20

In a brief moment of deranging they sealed their fate even for posterity. In death, they realised the evil of warfare as Akonbi put it: “…look, my friend, as we have scorched our land with our venom of war. What have we achieved order than death? True, no more two countries but also no more one nation and now here we are drawing our last breath as the drum of victory echoes across the land. We are the heroes, my friend, we have sown the seed of hatred and watered it with blood, what fruit shall it produce I wonder…”



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