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The little prince, cast into the depth of the sea, he survived. Baked hard in the fire of misfortune he grew in the wild at the care of his mother. A woman whose misfortune wrought on her by deceit and treachery forced her into the wild wastelands of the Midland.

Dark days enshrouded Salem as the wrath of the Dark Prince unleashed and all the dark gods mustered to tear the great nation to pieces, even the bravery of crowned Prince Atreus could not save the nation. In the dark days of Salem, the glimmer of hope rested on Prince Hermann, whose destiny so feared by the Dark Prince that he must be destroyed mustered squad of valiant warriors and dared the uttermost realms of the immortals.

The wrath of the Dark Prince overwhelmed Salem, Prince Hermann did not just need powers and courage to pull through the intricacies of these supreme forces but love and trust to tread where deceit and treachery abounded.


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