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We are group of passionate artists, creativity is our watchword.

Welcome! We are online publishers that primarily based on e-book publishing, video publicizing and audio promotion. We do online publishing, online distribution, online catalogue and online sales. Moreover, we can also print-on-demand if the substantial market requires for it.

We can also substitute as ghost-writers should you require this service. We can work all varieties of manuscripts such as novels, poetries, playwright, memoirs, biographies, magazines (design and layout inclusive), theses, research documents and academic texts.   


We are a subdivision of TRILOVE MEDIA (www.trilovemedia.com), a media enterprise that runs SOLATS MAGAZINE and TRILOVE PUBLISHERS. Check our other sites for further details.

Besides publishing, we also offer tutorial services for writers and aspiring authors. You can contact us for further details or send an email to trilovemedia@gmail.com, mobile text: +23480101803214 and +2347059147315

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